• When I first started coming to Health Star I couldn’t walk… now after a long hard road… I’m down to a cane. Patty and the crew have been great here. We’ve had a lot of fun working on a lot of this equipment here and getting back into the swing of things… getting myself mobile again. There is a good motivating attitude here.

  • Bob Dent came up with a plan for me and I stuck with that plan…. It worked out good for me, it gave me self confidence to go back to work. The staff is professional. Bob Dent knows physical therapy and so do his workers.

  • Health Star was highly recommended to me by another health care professional. I was really delighted with the care. They’re just a professional group, as well as caring and fun. You truly feel like you’re part of the family when you’re here. I have recommended Health Star to many of my friends and family…. And I will continue to recommend Health Star.

  • Bob Dent was in constant contact with my doctor the whole time I was here, which I was very impressed with. The staff who were here kept reinforcing how I was to do these exercises and the importance of doing them. Everything was designed toward the patient.